Tosho Associate Corporation



クライミングウォール 理想の施設を目指して…

Tosho Associate Corporation has been performing plan and construction of climbing wall for various facilities with 20 years or more of experience,

enthusiasm and knowledge of our specialized staffs.

Up to now we have the results for more than 400 facilities of athletic (competition),

training, school (ranging from kindergarten to university), gym and shopping mall,

which leads to our capability of providing safer and comfortable climbing wall.

Seeing trends in recent years, the demand for the climbing walls for beginners (e.g. in kindergarten, primary school, public facilities) besides climbers has been much increasing,  and so we aim to build the walls with which the wide range of customers are satisfied.


Reliable qualifications

Having Special Construction Business License and The Office of Registered

Architects, we surely provide performance of construction with reliable technique.

You can be relieved and leave its work with us totally for design, plan, construction

and maintenance.

Satisfied software and after-sales service

*Planning an international climbing competition and kinds of events

*Know-how and training the leaders for safely managing the climbing facilities

*Route setting by international route-setter and registered route-setter (our staff)

*maintenance system covering nationwide

*Utilizing climbing gym managed by us

Our climbing gym (the largest one in Tokyo area) “Rocklands” provide

customers the comfortable climbing facilities and can be utilized as facility

of their guide and training for planning.

Construction Department for climbing walls

It is a great feature that we have both of construction department and processing factory specialized in Climbing Walls.

It is important factor for our meeting customer’s needs.

With 20 years or more experience, our special staffs who have highest skill in the field perform the construction works.


Established May 1991 (Spin-off from Tosho Co. Ltd.)
Capital 20,000,000 Japanese yen
Reserve fund 70,000,000 Japanese yen
Employees 15

ASK Bldg ., 6F .,

12-2 Nihonbashi kayabacho 3-Chome, Chuo-Ku,

Tokyo, Japan 103-0025

TEL:81-3-4321-0142 (direct)

81-3-4321-0140 (main)


Special Construction Business License No. (Special-18) 126885
Office Registered The office of Registered Architects (No.57385)


September 1946 Established Kobe Senpaku Shoji,
January 1948 enamed The Tosho Co., Ltd.
May 1991

Separated the trade department from The Tosho Co. Ltd.

Established Tosho Overseas Co. Ltd, Tosho International Co. Ltd. And TC Co. Ltd.

October 1993 Consolidated the three companies into Tosho Associate Corporation.
September 1996 The Tosho Co. Ltd. ― 50th year anniversary
October 2006

Increased capital to 20,000,000 yen

Transferred the Climbing Division to Tosho Associate

Corporation from The Tosho Co.Ltd

October 2009 Opened climbing gym “Rocklands” in Tokyo.
August 2011 Moved headquarters to Hatchobori, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo.


CEO Haruo Namekawa
Managing Director Tetsushi Murata
Director Yasushi Umemoto
Corporate Auditors Masaki Fukai



ASK Bldg ., 6F .,

12-2 Nihonbashi kayabacho 3-Chome, Chuo-Ku,

Tokyo, Japan 103-0025

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