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Example 1) Wide 2730mm ×Height 1820mm × Think 18mm
Panel Color: PINK
Climbing Hold: BROWN MIX series

Example 2) Wide 2730mm ×Height 1820mm × Think 18mm
Panel Color: GRAY
Climbing Hold: BLACK MIX series

Example 3) Wide 3640mm ×Height 1820mm × Think 18mm
Panel Color: WHITE
Climbing Hold: MIX series

Panel Color


The Colors are symbol color. Actual color of the products are different with photos.
Panel colors are based on SK Kaken Co., ltd.
WHITE = GS-5 PINK = GS-22 GRAY = GS-14
Please refer to SK Kaken Co., ltd HP`s address.
We ask for your understanding in advance that color components would be changed by your PC environment.
*The panels are for purpose of playground equipment, and are not interior finishing panels. Therefore, there is a possibility that the panels have some size difference.

How to order

Please select number of panels, Panel colors, and number of climbing hold.

Minimum order quantity: 2 panels
※Panel size is 1820mm × 910mm × 18mm. Please calculate required number of panels before you order.

Panel colors
Please select from above 3 colors(WHITE・GRAY ・PINK).

Climbing Hold
MIX series
BLACK MIX series
BROWN MIX series
Single color – IVORY series
Single color – GRAY series

The 5 colors are in stock by design.
If you need to order climbing holds only, or additional climbing holds, you can order from our website.


SET PRIECE: “PANEL ・ CLIMBING HOLD SET” 40,000 Japanese Yen (w/o TAX)
Set contents: 1 panel, 15 Climbing holds, and M10 Hexagonal wrench.

Postage not included.
Minimum order quantity: 2 sets

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