The first RCI and Clip`N climb authorized Installer,Trainer and Inspector distributor in Japan

We would like to announce that we were given the qualification of construction,
operational support and maintenance as a distributor of Clip ‘n Climb (New Zealand) and RCI Adventure Products (US).

We are the first company in Japan which qualified for these three services.

〈About Clip ‘n Climb〉

There are over 40 types of climbing walls (Challenges), and their designs are unique and extraordinary.
Each wall has its own theme and story, and it is a highly entertaining next-generation climbing wall that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

〈About RCI Adventure Products〉

An aerial playground equipment where players can experience the thrill of high places using safety ropes.
The best part of their products is that players can enjoy various courses at high altitude places.
A thrilling experience where players can have extraordinary time on a variety of courses that can be transformed.


We are now able to offer a total support including construction, training of operation staff as well as maintenance.

We will provide the products of Clip ‘n Climb and RCI Adventure Products to more customers by using our construction experiences and expertise of climbing walls.