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Tosho Associate Corporation blends the passion and knowledge of specialized staff that have two decades of experience, and it designs and constructs climbing walls for various different kinds of facilities. To date, since the installation of the first climbing wall in Japan, we have handled over 1000 projects for athletic, training, educational, gym, commercial, and event facilities. We firmly believe that this track record is something that will lead to the provision of a safer and more delightful climbing wall for you. When we look at the trends of the past few years, we see an increase in demand for walls for a wide range of facilities, including not just walls for serious climbers, but also walls for beginners in facilities such as kindergartens, elementary schools, children’s halls, and public facilities, for example. We strive to build walls that will be safe and satisfying for a wide range of demographics. Additionally, in recent years we have been handling items related to adventure such as rope courses and trampolines, and we can come up with proposals for complex facilities.

General Planner Climbing Wall

Our ability of occupying the great majority of domestic share.



Introducing our workflow all the way up to installation

  • 1


    Send us information about the place where you want the installation, such as maps and pictures, as well as all of your requirements.

  • 2


    Based on the provided facility information, we will make an estimate.

  • 3


    Together we will work out the terms and conditions and then implement the contract.

  • 4


    We will verify the construction conditions, prepare the materials, and carry out construction.

  • 5


    After routesetting and completion, we will also run training sessions, etc.

  • 6


    After the construction work is finished, we will perform maintenance as scheduled in half a year, one year, etc.

Corporate Profile

May 1991, formerly Tosho Co., Ltd.
1-3-3, Green Oak Kayabacho 5F, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
+81-(0)3-4321-0142(direct) +81-(0)3-4321-0140(representative)
Number of employees
Specific Construction Business License
(特-18)第 126885 号
Office Registration
Office of Registered Architects (Governor of Tokyo, No. 57385)


September 1946
Established Kobe Senpaku Shoji, K.K.
January 1948
Changed name to Tosho Co., Ltd.
Involved in national competition through Tobi-Ume Kokutai (Fukuoka) climbing consultation
May 1991
Separated the trade department from Tosho Co., Ltd. Established Tosho Overseas Co., Ltd, Tosho International Co. Ltd. and TC Co. Ltd.
October 1993
Consolidated the three companies into Tosho Associate Corporation.
September 1996
The 50th anniversary of Tosho Co., Ltd.
October 2006
Increased capital to ¥20,000,000 Transferred the Climbing Division to Tosho Associate Corporation from Tosho Co. Ltd.
March 2010
Opened Rocklands climbing gym
August 2011
Constructed the first Gravity Research Kobe climbing gym
February 2015
Moved headquarters to Hatchobori, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo.
March 2015
Entered contract with Taica Corporation relating to the development of a climbing mat using aGEL. Constructed climbing wall for Mori Park Outdoor Village (Tokyo), one of the largest in Japan Handled the implementation of a “mobile wall” that can be moved on a trailer.
April 2015
August 2015
Moved headquarters to Nihonbashi-Kayabacho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo.
November 2015
Did construction of the first Funwalls (for The Union Park) and first Rollglider (for Fuji Subaruland) in Japan
October 2016
Released the industry’s first climbing mat that uses aGEL after joint development with Taica Corporation.
April 2017
Released Japan’s first “speed climbing wall” according to IFSC official specifications, and built a complex facility that includes Funwalls and Ropetopia. "


Haruo Namekawa
Kensuke Namekawa
Masaki Fukai
Director and Senior Adviser
Tetsushi Murata
Corporate Auditor
Yasushi Umemoto



1-3-3, Green Oak Kayabacho 5F, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo