iWall アイウォール

The motion sensor detects the movement of the whole body. It's equipped with more than 10 types of cardio exercise games. There are a variety of games from heavy ones that get your heart rate up with high effect of physical fitness to light ones. They allow you to move your body while having fun.



    Run around the city, move sideways, jump, crouch, raise your arms, hold your body, and run toward the goal.


    Replicate the sensei's pose and movement as accurately as possible and then keep the pose steady until the ring of fire is completed. The more successful you are, the higher the score.


    Serve the balls by swinging your arms. When you use your 3 balls, one set of game is over. Try to get the first 2 sets t win.


    Speed car racing without brakes. Run and crouch over and over again , and get to top gear as soon as possible. Aim for the fastest time to reach the goal, and keep moving.

The above are some examples. There are more games available other than mentioned above.


A new type of digital interactive activity where you can exercise with your family, friends, and teams while playing a game. Ideal for spa facilities, fitness gyms, amusement facilities, airport lounges and waiting spaces at your own offices, etc. It can be used as a new refreshing content, an exercise content, and also a content that enhances customer and employee satisfaction.

- The area used for the game is about 3 x 3 meters (when you are not using iWall, you can use it for other activities).
- As you can see in "Image", it comes with a stylish panel, a large display, sensors, and software.
- Each game is intuitive to play.

The others

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