Sisyfox シシーフォックス

Just like Sisyphos from the ancient greek myth your mission is to roll a boulder, and this time it ’s a game and much more fun.
With a simple upper body exercise, everyone including adults, children, and people with wheelchairs can play together.


  • Game Graphics

    Aim for the top of mountain, roll big balls at top speed, and collect items.

  • In Game Menu

    In game mode, you can make detailed selections such as areas to play and difficulty level.


European-born digital interactive content are now available in Japanese. It can played at various places such as amusement facilities, fitness gyms, rehabilitation facilities, and playground. In addition to solo play, multiplayer is also possible by connecting two Sisyfox units.

- Display the game screen by connecting to a monitor or projector.
- Force Feedback, an active brake is equipped in the base just beneath the ball and it allows us to match the game intensity to the bodily capabilities of the player.
- Your own logo can be inserted into the game screen (optional).

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