Rocklands, one of the largest climbing gyms in Kanto

We manage Rocklands, one of the largest climbing gyms in Kanto, at a location five minutes away from Kasai Station on the Tozai Line. It serves not only as a pleasant climbing facility for ordinary people, but also as a place for us to provide climbing experiences and management courses.

Rocklands' Concept

One of the largest in Japan

A facility in Tokyo unlike any other, with a large scale bouldering area and lead area.

A showroom where you can see and try the newest products

You can see a variety of products, such as the climbing mat, which our company introduced into the climbing industry, or the auto belay.

A relaxing space

At Rocklands, we provide facilities where you can relax such as the 4th floor resting space and neat locker rooms.

Climbing Wall

Aiming Ideal Facilities

Rocklands is a land without boundaries. It is a land that is in the heart of one who loves climbing, and the passport to get there is courage and a spirit of taking on challenges. Rocklands is a climbing area that was born in the city. Here we want to break away from traditional “climbing training halls” and enjoy a stylish, comfortable climbing life. The design concept that spans the building may greatly improve the motivation of visitors. Of course, there are many climbing routes for each difficulty level so that anyone can challenge themselves to their limit. At Rocklands, we will provide you with moments to concentrate on your spirit and body and challenge yourself to reach your limits, as well as relaxation spaces for you to rest to support that performance. “The day I decided ‘Today I’ll go to Rocklands’ was somewhat exciting from the morning” That is the kind of gym we want it to be. * Climbing is a risky sport. There is a risk of injury, so please be careful and have fun.