• Attraction Climbing Wall

    Climbing walls that challenges climbers while having fun. It requires to climb using a plant trunk-shaped holds or to walk stairways to the top "Heaven", using steady balance.

  • Rope Adventure

    Playing at high places attracts playes. Difficulty changes depending on the course design, such as providing various obstacles. Incorporating a zip line that gives players the feeling of flying in the sky makes it even more exciting.

  • Luckey Climbers

    Collaboration of modern art and kids' playground equipment. Creating an artistic playing area by putting the most importance on custom-made. Two elements which are a design full of originality and a space where children can play safely make the playground equipment a symbol of the facility. It's great for public spaces, museums and etc.

  • Kids athletic / Trampoline

    We have a lineup of playground equipment that excite all children, from toddlers to teenagers. In addition to the ball pool and slide, we propose a space full of smiles with any combination of playground equipment such as ninja courses that adults can enjoy and trampolines that train the core and sense of balance.

  • iWall

    The motion sensor detects the movement of the whole body. It's equipped with more than 10 types of cardio exercise games. There are a variety of games from heavy ones that get your heart rate up with high effect of physical fitness to light ones. They allow you to move your body while having fun.

  • Sisyfox

    Just like Sisyphos from the ancient greek myth your mission is to roll a boulder, and this time it ’s a game and much more fun. With a simple upper body exercise, everyone including adults, children, and people with wheelchairs can play together.


    Make table tennis more familiar and more fun. You can play easily and it gets excited. By adding the elements of game into a real table tennis, it becomes a photogenic activity that anyone can play.